The Grainville Junior Tennis Academy would like to thank Heritage Oil PLC. who have been the schools programme sponsor from 2013 to 2017.u_quote]Heritage Oil Plc, a Jersey based London listed oil company, is delighted to be able to support the Grainville Tennis Academy School’s programme. We feel it is important for youngsters to be able to get a taste of what tennis can offer as a sport. Being able to support this programme by sending in professional tennis coaches gives the young players an invaluable experience. We understand that all the Jersey Island players have come through similar programmes for the last 15 years.[/su_quote] Paul Atherton, Director, Heritage Oil Plc

We are now looking for a new sponsor. If you are interested please contact Rychlund Aldridge Head Coach email Rychlund62@gmail.com

The two schools that we visited during the Spring Term were De La Salle & Trinity. During the Summer Term we will be at VCP Prep & JCG Prep.

Sponsor for Adults

Walkers Global Jersey

GTC Adult Events and Leagues.

The Summer 2018  Team tennis event as follows –


Polar Capital

Polar Capital are the sponsor of the Grainville Tennis Starter Series. These events are for young players age 5 to 12 with little or no experience of playing in a tennis tournament.

First Event (date to follow)

During 2017 over 100 juniors took part




If you would like to sponsor Grainville Tennis then please contact Rychlund Aldridge see email below.


Sponsorship contact Rychlund Aldridge on Rychlund62@gmail.com